With your own custom MLMiPhone application you will be able to conveniently process orders right through an iPhone, making your virtual storefront more accessible than ever. For direct selling, this ability makes the sales process a snap for both the distributer and buyer.

The Mobile Storefront


MLMiPhone allows your business to present its entire product line through a user-friendly iPhone application. The navigation makes browsing and selecting products easy and guides users to the point of purchase with minimal effort.


The checkout process is equally as easy, only requiring the standard information users would be expected to provide when conducting any transaction online.


Once a transaction is complete the buyer will received an itemized receipt via email, solidifying the transaction.

Your Open for Business

Accept any Credit Card

MLMiPhone can be integrated with any merchant service, providing the capability to accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and many more.

Accept any Currency

MLMiPhone is capable of processing payments in any country your network expands to, with custom configuration for any currency.

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